E-Ticket Scanning

Ticket Scanning

Barcode Scanning of Tickets - Regardless of your Ticket Provider

Our Handheld or Laptop based scanners can scan any 1D barcode from any provider, they will reject any duplicate barcode ensuring duplicated tickets are identified.

Checked Against a Valid list of Codes

Supply us with a list of your valid ticket codes and our system will reject any non-valid ticket at the point of scanning.

Professional Scanners

We've all seen providers trying to use mobile phones to scan tickets, slow and unreliable, you won't see them here.

Connected to our Network

Using our onsite network the scanners will not have signal issues ensuring you keep the public flowing in to your event without delay.

Printing your own Tickets?

All we need is a unique 1D barcode on each ticket.

Need a Sales Solution?

If you are looking for a more comprehensive service to include Ticket Sales, then checkout Flame Concepts. They provide a full service including sales and scanning and can connect to our network on site also. - www.flameconcepts.com