Event Services - The Great Dorset Steam Fair

Broadband Junction will be providing Wi-Fi Internet in Hot Spots located in the Campsites only this year. The cost starts at £9.99

You will be able to buy access online at the show. It is difficult in an event environment to provide 100% coverage, with this in mind we will publish for the first time a Map showing locations of our antennas. We also provide a "5 Minutes Free" service that allows you to make your own decision about the suitability of the service.

If you need a dedicated connection with confirmed coverage then we offer a traders service, its your own wired or wireless connection, installed on your pitch. Prices from £100 +VAT and increases as the show draws nearer. This service must be booked at least two weeks prior to the show.

Our support number is 01258 690744, you can use this number prior to the show to register your interest in Wifi access or use the Live Chat Link at the top of the page.