Satellite Broadband

Flight Kit

High Speed Internet Anywhere!

Using Eutelsat or SES we are able to provide speeds of 20mbps anywhere you can see the sky. No telephone line is required and the service works independently of the mobile networks and thus will not suffer from congestion at your event.

Fast Deployment

Because our kit needs nothing more than power, we can deploy it in even the tightest of timeframes. Ideal if your permanent connectivity has failed or if you have a tight build schedule.

Choice of Mounting Options

The dish can be mounted in a variety of ways. Our flight kit is a popular solution; all of the kit is contained within a box that can be positioned on the floor or a porta-cabin roof. We also have floor stands, roof mounts, wall brackets and of course they can be mounted on one or our trailers.

Static IP Address

We can provide either a Single Public Static IP address or a routed block of IP's with this service.

Fail Over Solution

We can provide this with a 4G solution in failover mode, giving you the choice of which is the primary connection and giving you the peace of mind that if the primary should fail the secondary will take over, keeping you online.

Site Wide Coverage

We can distribute your internet connection across your event site using Wireless Repeaters. We can ensure the right people are connected in the right place.