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CCTV will allow your site controller to see what's happening across your show site, coordinate incidents and monitor the flow of traffic and pedestrians. It can be a valuable tool in event management.

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We can provide a number of moving cameras controlled from a joystick in your control room. These are great for a general view of the show and for managing incidents. Static cameras are best used for revenue protection or traffic monitoring.

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All of our cameras can be connected wirelessly back to your control room negating the need to run cables. We can in some cases connect them to you using the Mobile Networks allowing you to monitor disjoint car parks or traffic further away on the highway.

We can record all of your images for instant playback or archive them to a USB device for viewing later or submission to the authorities.

We can provide remote access to your CCTV using either an App on your mobile or a Web Link for use on any PC or Laptop.

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